Holly Middlemas Panama City, FL

Author: Peachtree & Bennett Estate Services |

I recently sold many works of art through Peachtree and Bennett. I've never done this before so I was a very new to the auction experience. Alejandra and Gary were so helpful in educating me on my pieces as well as the process and what to expect. I feel my pieces were marketed very well and reached the audiences needed to fetch the price tags we hoped to obtain. Not only that, I was unable to drive to Atlanta to take the pieces to them so they arranged for a pick-up service which made my life so much easier. Upon the pieces arriving to Atlanta, Alejandra and Gary contacted me to go over each piece and its value. I immediately had a great sense of trust and relief knowing that I had sent my pieces to an honest, reputable and experienced company. Alejandra and Gary were so professional, caring and courteous during the process and I am very happy with my final bids as well as the entire experience with their company. I will certainly recommend their services to anyone in need of an auction. I hope to auction other pieces again soon with their company. They have earned my trust and 100% satisfaction.