Estate Sales Companies: Peachtree & Bennett Auction House gives famous brand piano new life

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Estate Sales Companies Peachtree and Bennett Auction House gives famous brand piano new life

Imagine setting your eyes on iconic pop culture items that once defined a generation or rare antiquities thought to be lost across generations, discarded by uninterested descendants. That’s what our company’s proprietors, Gary and Alejandra Braswell, enjoy every week. As one of the most productive auction companies and estate liquidators in the southeast, we’ve managed private estate sales for many of the area’s wealthiest residents. In every case, our commitment to the items being showcased has earned us reputation of fairness and respect, character descriptions we value. We’re proud to have one of the best referral rates in the industry.

Our success is a direct result of an attention to detail, ensuring that every item presented for sale is given the proper description and background if available, but even the most treasured items can lack a buyer if the market isn’t interested.

“We are essentially storytellers,” says Gary Braswell. “I don’t think you can be a success in the auction industry if you don’t have as much interest and enthusiasm in each piece offered as our buyers do and our sellers for that matter. We have a responsibility of transparency for both.”

Last month, an upright piano drew few buyers to our online auction site. The nearly 100-year-old the Krakauer Brothers piano was extremely important to the family we represented, remembering their mother’s exuberant playing against the singing voices of family and friends. When their mother passed, the piano went silent. They had hoped someone would be interested in it and bring it back to life.

Sadly, pianos have been replaced around the globe by soccer balls, hockey sticks, softball gloves, and after school technology programs. Some suggest that kids just don’t have the time to fit in a piano lesson and hours of practice, a component to the drop off of in sales by local auction companies. Another reason for the plunge in sales is the cost to repair and tune older machines.

When the auction ended, the piano didn’t sell. It was a dramatic departure from the early days of the Krakauer Brothers’ sales where people once dreamed of owning one. Founded in 1869 in New York City by Jewish immigrants Simon Krakauer, his son David and his brother Julius, Krakauer Brothers’ pianos were made by hand, paying close attention to the sound during construction. Krakauer was known for its fine quality workmanship and innovations that would influence the entire industry. The company would remain one of the very few that stayed in operation during and after the Great Depression in part due to its fine quality design.

Because of its rich history, we hoped to place this incredible piece, that once helped to define the piano making industry. We reached out to Beth Yeshua International, a local synagogue in the area to see if they would be interested in the Krakauer Brothers piano based on its background as an important piece of Jewish history. The Rabbi Greg Hershberg was delighted.

Joe Marks, Beth Yeshua International’s music director worked with us to get it there. Marks said it played beautifully

“All the internal workings such as the keys, hammers, strings, and pedals were in great condition for a piano built around 1920 to 1924,” said Marks. “We will soon add this instrument into our Praise and Worship music program, which along with our Rabbi’s message are live streamed every Saturday morning to thousands of viewers and listeners around the world. We at Beth Yeshua International are very happy to accept and provide this beautiful Krakauer Brothers piano a new home in a Messianic Jewish Synagogue.” 

Whether you’re buying or selling, if you’re searching for “auction companies near me,” or “estate liquidators near me,” we hope you will consider Peachtree & Bennett. We are dedicated to being among the best auction companies and estate sale companies in the southeast.

Some of our notable auctions have included a stunning 8.91 carat diamond ring sold for $320,000, a Henri Le Sidaner painting sold for $200,000, and a 19th century oil on canvas sold for $153,000. We are honored to be the choice of estate liquidators and auction estate sales. Although, we sell nearly all items as estate liquidators, we specialize in jewelry, fine furnishings, art and collectibles. With more than 6000 registered users, our sellers benefit from our expertise. Our services include management of private estate sales, company auctions, business estate sales with sales auctions online happening frequently.

Some interesting items in our recent estate sales included antique mechanical kitchen implements, a first-edition Winne-the-Pooh, a rare antique tin political parade torch and a large 48-star U.S. flag, complete with a pole and stand.

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