How This New Estate Sales Trend Could Benefit You

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The pandemic has forced people to change their purchasing habits considerably. Therefore, more individuals are choosing to shop online, which allows them to stay safe while observing social distancing protocols.

Consequently, with the growth of e-commerce, a new style of venue is trending in the estate sale business. Online estate sales have become more common over the past year. However, many old-school buyers and sellers are still not convinced with the business model of online estate sales due to the unfamiliar venue. Therefore, to establish more confidence in the process, we have listed the advantages of online estate sales for both buyers and sellers.

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Benefits for the seller:
1. Flexible scheduling

2. Lower minimum requirements

3. Higher exposure with less physical traffic

4. Accurate and documented accounting

Benefits for the buyer:
1. Efficient use of time

2. Fewer restrictions on the schedule

3. An equal playing field for all buyers

On a final note, online estate sales empower our customers by providing a venue that may better suit their needs. For example, when selling estate property online, it can be conducted at a location that isn’t restricted by HomeOwner Associations (HOA), unlike many traditional estate sales. It makes it a quick, tidy, and efficient way of buying and selling estate property. So, if you’re a seller seeking to liquidate your estate, or a buyer hoping to pick up a valuable asset, then give us a call today.

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