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After 45 years in business in New York City and Connecticut, Peachtree & Bennett Estate Services & Companies Estates Sales consolidated their operations in Atlanta in 2010. The companies have, since inception, developed an extensive buyer’s platform that makes their position as a regional market leader more pronounced. With this platform, they deploy an effective strategy of multiple selling and buying formats, along with a diversity of quality antiques, collectibles and general household property.

For sellers, they offer comprehensive, cost-effective options, whether looking to sell an entire estate or just a few pieces. Peachtree & Bennett’s unparalleled customer service, diverse sales venues, and their innovative marketing have established them as the premier estate specialist in Atlanta.

  • Conventional Atlanta Estate Sales Companies or Atlanta Online Estate Sales: Our sister company, Companies Estates Sales, hosts off-site estate sales at one of their showrooms, or potentially offer a full in-person or online estate sale in your home.
  • Appraisals & Liquidations: A full appraisal of all items, big or small, such as antiques, furniture, paintings, art, sliver, china, sculptures, lighting, rugs, household decorations, and accessories.
  • Broom Sweep/Clean Out: After all the items are removed, a broom sweep leaves the premises in a clean and salable condition. This service simplifies many estate situations.
  • Outright Purchases: Here the items are purchased outright allowing the clients to receive immediate payment. This includes packing, handling, and trucking all items.
  • Estate Real Property: Without proper marketing any property related to an estate or trust can sit for months. With proper marketing and the right touch, you can increase your odds of selling any property quickly.