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  • Auction Consignment: Single Items, Collections to Entire Estates - Atlanta, GA & Sarasota, FL

At Peachtree & Bennett, we have the same goal you do: to realize the highest price we can for every item that we sell. Our experienced staff handles consignments of all sizes, from a single item to an entire estate. Arrange your complimentary evaluation in the way that works best for you:

  • On-site Evaluation
    P&B will visit your location to evaluate your items and discuss appropriate selling options. No commitments or obligations.
  • Office Evaluation
    Bring your items or photographs to one of the P&B offices in Atlanta, Sarasota, New York for assessment and selling options. Appointment required.
  • Online Evaluation
    Submit your description and/or photograph to for an online evaluation. We will email or call you to discuss their assessment and your selling options.
  • Text Photos to 770 833 2024

Real Market Value Assessments for Your Consignment Antiques and Estate

The market price of an item is determined by its quality, rarity and importance, as well as by market trends and history. We know the market thoroughly and are able to provide sellers with realistic expectations and overall estimates for their property.

Exposure to Multiple Antique Consignment Markets

Peachtree & Bennett has a widespread service area, extending from New York in the Northeast to Atlanta and throughout Florida in the Southeast. We also understand that the twenty-first-century auction business is truly a global one. Our cutting-edge online marketing reaches potential buyers anywhere there is internet.

Our innovative, global marketing resources include:

  • Online catalog listings with descriptions and multiple images on worldwide bidding platforms. We also post our auctions on major Chinese, French and English online venues targeted to specific audiences.
  • Advertisements in leading national and international trade publications and collectors news forums.
  • Email blasts to over 15,000 preferred Peachtree & Bennett private clients, as well as an additional 270,000 email contacts through online bidding services.
  • Professionally-written advertisements, press releases, and, when appropriate to the size of the sale, a color brochure or newsletter featuring highlight items of the sale.


Our commission rates are highly competitive and are normally determined by quality or quantity of the consignment. Large consignments or individual items of substantial value will typically carry a lower rate for the customer. However, our rates are flexible and can be adjusted to client’s needs.

Included in the commission rates are expenses for photography, research, cataloging, online listings, trucking, and all sale related costs. You will never be charged a hidden fee at Peachtree & Bennett.

Personalized Auction Consignment Services

Our primary focus is to tailor our service to meet the individual needs and comfort level of every seller we work with. We accept consignments as small as a single item and as large as entire estates. (Learn more about our Estate Sales services here.) We also purchase individual items or collections outright, a service which includes transport and certified payment upon pickup.

Individual items and estates can be consigned to auction or purchased outright by Peachtree & Bennett. Our multiple selling platforms allow us to receive the highest cash value in the market. Outright purchases include transport and certified payment upon pickup. You can learn the specifics about our services by visiting our Estate Appraisal Services Page.

To make an appointment for a free on-site appraisal, you can call our Atlanta office at 678-705-9798 or visit the Atlanta Office Contact Page. For customers located in the Northeast, you can call our New York office at 646-773-6055.

    • What is the cost of an on-site assessment or consultation?

    FREE. One of our expert appraisers in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and New York will assess your estate items free of cost at your home or place of business, or at our showroom(s).

    • Estate Sale or Auction Consignment: which is more suitable for me?

    An Estate Sale is an on-site sale (at your residence or place of business) in which we price, stage, advertise and sell in a retail format, with progressive discounts over a period of two to three days.

    An Auction Consignment is the sale of select property at public auction based on a commission rate per item sold. The items, referred to as lots, are offered at our gallery and live online to thousands of potential buyers and collectors.

    One is not better than the other. Choosing an estate sale or an auction consignment depends on a) the quality of the items, and b) how large the estate is. We love the enthusiasm and energy of estate sales, and they can be more affordable than an auction consignment because the cost of handling and moving property out of a home can be high, reducing the overall profits of the sale. Auction consignments, on the other hand, are better for items of higher value needing a broader exposure. In an auction, the focus is on each individual piece, and the marketing is more aggressive and targets thousands of potential buyers.

    • I inherited a large collection. What is it worth?

    We offer FREE appraisals of single items or entire estates. During the visit, the estate specialist will assess the current market value of the entire collection. This informal appraisal will educate you about the value of your items and will help you decide the best venue for selling them.

    • Do you only sell antiques? What about other household furnishings?

    No. While we specialize in antiques and high-end collectibles, our multiple selling services allows us to handle entire estates. In general, we advise that the more substantial items be sold by auction, while the remainder of the furnishings and household items are offered through an estate sale at the residence. Or, if the client prefers, we buy entire estates.

    • What kinds of items do you sell?
    17th-, 18th-, and 19th-Century Artwork and Furnishings, Fine Artwork, Antique Jewelry, Silver, Lighting, Couture, Collectibles, Memorabilia, Vintage Vehicles, Heavy Duty Equipment, and any kind of personal or estate property.
    • I want to sell my items by auction. What is the commission rate?

    Our auction commissions are tailored to each situation and are based on the quality of the item/s.

    The rate may be as low as ZERO percent.
    • Do all items have the same commission terms (i.e., jewelry vs. large furniture)?

    No. We offer sliding-scale commissions, which allow us to charge a more flexible commission based on the value of each piece, not the overall consignment. Also, some categories such as jewelry, porcelain, artwork, and silver require less labor, allowing us to offer a lower rate.

    • What does your commission include?

    Our rates include all sale-related expenses such as cataloging, photography, online listings, advertising, etc.

    • Does your gallery accept minimums or reserves?

    Yes, for items valued at $500 or more, we allow sellers to specify a minimum or reserve bid in line with the item’s expected market value. Our appraiser can provide a low-high estimate, based on similar items sold and the current state of the market, to help the seller understand what price they can expect.

    • What happens if my item does not sell?
    95% of lots find a home. However, if the item does not meet your minimum, we can reoffer it or you can retrieve it immediately after the sale.
    • Where are you located?
    Peachtree & Bennett is conveniently located at the Atlanta Expo Center, also known as the Scott Antique Market. Our auctions take place the second Saturday of the month.
    • How do you advertise your auctions?

    Online listing services on renowned platforms such as, eBay Live,,, and

    Dedicated email blast to over 270,000 potential buyers

    Printed advertising in local and trade newspapers and magazines, including Antiqueweek, Main Antique Digest, and Antiques & Art Weekly

    Promotional material at the renowned Scott Antique Market, Atlanta

    • Does the gallery transport the items or do I bring them to you?
    Whichever option works best for you. Our professional movers are happy to assist with handling and transportation to our showroom. However, if you are able to bring the items to us, we will be able to offer you a lower commission rate.
    • Can I submit photos of my items to find out if they are suitable for auction?

    Of course! We welcome photos and information sent via email to You can also visit our auction consignment page to upload the images on this site. We understand that photos don’t always do justice to individual items, but they are a fast and convenient starting point. Normally we will reply to your email or simply call you to discuss your items within 24 to 48 hours.

    Note: we do our best to respond quickly, but please keep in mind that we receive several inquiries daily.

    • Do you host online auctions?

    Absolutely. In addition to our large in-house audience, we support our auctions with simultaneous online bidding, which allows us to receive offers in real time from participants who cannot or choose not to be present during the sale.

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