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Estate appraisals are completed by our antique appraisers and Atlanta antique buyers for a variety of estate and insurance purposes, including probate, estate taxes, equitable distribution, and replacement value - FAQ

    • Peachtree & Bennett Estate Services
    Peachtree & Bennett Auctioneers and Estate Services is a 3rd generation estate sales services company serving Atlanta, Georgia; Sarasota, Florida and the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic States.
    • Why You Need Estate Liquidation Services
    Using an auction house or estate services company simplifies the evaluation, dispersal, and liquidation of property involved in the probate process. All too often we see exceptional collections sell for a fraction of its potential value because it was at the wrong place at the wrong time. By using a company with multiple show rooms like Peachtree & Bennett, estate items are available for an estate sale, auction consignment or outright purchase at multiple locations. We professionally evaluate all estate items to draw the highest price in the appropriate market. Also, we determine if your estate items are a better fit for auction, consignment, or outright purchase. Our number one goal is to get the highest dollar amount for your estate items.
    • Sampling of Satisfied Clients
    • Estate Owners
    • Private Individuals
    • Law Firms
    • Insurance Companies
    • Matrimonial Litigants
    • Federal Government
    • Large Corporations
    Our estate sale and auction process is divided into two steps: before sale and after sale.
    • Before sale process

    Schedule Complimentary Assessment
    One of our expert appraisers will review your estate items free of cost at your home, place of business, our showroom or via email at

    Receive a proposal:
    This occurs after we have finished our complimentary evaluation of the items. Along with the evaluation estimates, we map out the best plan for liquidation.

    Sign a contract:
    This is a standard agreement we have with all our sellers. In addition to agreeing to sale the items in one of our salesrooms, you home/ or business, it lists our terms and fees for services such as insurance, loss/damage liability, shipping, and illustration. In most cases, our commission covers all sales related costs such as photography, cataloging, online listings, advertising, handling, and transportation.

    **The cost of shipping is usually included in our commission. We are happy to pack and transport the items to our gallery. The seller can also drop the items off or deliver them by a third party. By appointment only

    • Peachtree & Bennett: Atlanta Auction Company with Multiple Sales Rooms

    Peachtree & Bennett has multiple locations in the Tri-State area and the Southeast. This allows us the opportunity to present estate items to markets outside of our Atlanta showroom. Our large fleet of trucks makes transporting any items to our multiple markets easy, quick, and affordable. We make scheduled monthly shipments to our salesroom in Atlanta and Florida area allowing greater market exposure.

    • Our Atlanta Auction House Services

    Peachtree & Bennett offers highly competitive, all-inclusive auction consignment services, our commission rates are specifically tailored for each client. Commission rates cover all sale related cost including but not limited to packaging & handling, trucking, insurance, advertising, research, cataloging, and online listings. We also provide complimentary estate appraisals so you have an estimate of what to expect.

    As part of our Atlanta auction company services, we also provide a broom sweep & clean out service. Many of our clients use this service because it leaves the location in a clean and sellable condition. This service is often accompanied with our outright purchase option. The outright purchase option is when the entire contents of the estate are purchased upfront allowing the clients to receive immediate payment. The outright purchase includes packing, handling, and trucking all items. Clients who need immediate cash and want to avoid paperwork usually choose this option.

    • Auction House Appraisals

    One of the most crucial steps of any auction house is the appraisal. Peachtree & Bennet staff specializes in appraisals primarily used for fair market value, probate/estate tax, insurance, and equitable distribution.

    The Peachtree & Bennet appraisal staff meet the standards of the American Society of Appraisers and Internal Revenue Service. We apply Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) to all of our work. Our knowledge, experience and integrity guarantee only the most thorough of appraisals.

    We appraise full estates, apartments and individual antiques, furniture, paintings, art, silver, china, bronzes, lighting, rugs, carpets, porcelain as well as other household decorations and accessories.

    To request our services, brochure, or set up an appointment please email our purchasing & estates department at, or feel free to contact us at (678) 705-9798. You can also contact us via our website. For our Atlanta location click here. For our Connecticut office click here.

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